What Is The Newest Technique For Eyebrows

Do you get bored of spending so much time every morning on your eyebrows? Is a more permanent answer what you seek? Microblading is a great alternative to permanent eyebrow tattoos.

Trends in permanent makeup change all the time, but eyebrow tattoos have been popular for a long time.

While microblading is the most commonly associated tattoo technique with improving the appearance of the brows, there are other options.

Stop fussing with your eyebrows all the time and say hello to a beautiful style that is easy to care for.

In this article, we will cover all aspects of eyebrow tattooing, from the treatment itself through aftercare and beyond. Read on if you’re ready to give up your regular brow care routine.

What’s Eyebrow Tattooing?

The goal of eyebrow tattoos, which are also called permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing, is to make the eyebrows look fuller and better shaped. Using a tattoo machine, ink is injected into the dermis.

When an eyebrow is tattooed, the ink used is precisely made to look like real eyebrow hair in both colour and texture. Professionals in the fields of tattooing and permanent cosmetics are the ones who operate. 

Eyebrow tattoos can last for years, but they may need to be touched up or redone every year to three years, depending on the person’s skin type and how well they take care of the area.

Microblading, NanoFeathering, Combination Brows, 3D Brow Building, and Hybrid Brows are all examples of semi-permanent makeup procedures that are more popular because they seem more natural and are less intrusive than traditional tattooing.

What Is The Newest Technique For Eyebrows?

It seems like there is a new way to shape your brows every day. As soon as one reaches its pinnacle, a fresh, better one comes along and usurps it. Or maybe a more creative version comes along that encourages people to show who they are.

Artists in the field of permanent makeup have to stay up with the ever-changing trends and rising demand for the service by honing their skills and developing new ways to achieve striking results using tried-and-true procedures.

But not everyone is ready to make the permanent commitment to cosmetic tattooing; therefore, temporary brow shaping is also popular. Let’s check out the newest permanent and temporary methods for shaping and filling in brows.

5 Modern Methods  For Shaping Brows

Nano Brows

Nano brows have been receiving a lot of attention recently, even though they are not necessarily one of the new eyebrow treatments. As they become more popular, they may soon replace microblading as the most popular way to tattoo brows.

Even though the results are similar to those of microblading, the method is different. Unlike micro-bladed brows, nano brows are done with a machine called a pigment micronization unit (PMU) and a very thin needle. The pigment is put on in dots that add up to a stroke.

There are many benefits to this:

Primarily, the needle is supposed to be less traumatic than a blade, so it’s easier on the skin. Using a machine makes it possible to make thinner lines and be more precise.

Also, unlike microblading, which works best on normal to dry skin, the pigment is less likely to bleed and migrate, even on oily and older skin types. Because of this, nano brows are easier to get, and both artists and customers know this.


To begin, nano brows are not the same thing as nano blading. Once synonymous, today’s use distinguishes between two distinct concepts.

The procedure is a kind of microblading, but its name prefix emphasizes the same benefit as nano brows: the thinness of the strokes. It can be thought of as an upgraded version of traditional microblading.

The process is performed by hand using a nanoblade (often 0.18 mm in diameter or smaller) to produce the thinnest possible strokes and incredibly realistic outcomes.

The thin blade is the most obvious difference, but many tattoo artists choose this method instead of microblading because there is less chance of colour leaking.

Pixel Blading

Pixel blading is another offshoot of the original microblading trend. Rather than making large, slicing incisions, a special blade with wispy pins is used to tap pigment into the skin in a series of dots that add up to a line.

Pixel blading isn’t exactly taking off, and there aren’t very many artists working in this style. Those who choose this method, however, argue that, in comparison to microblading, it results in less skin harm and promotes faster healing.

The tapping technique may also reduce the likelihood of blurry results. The result is similar to traditional microblading, but the tiny dots in the strokes give it a more powdery look.

Despite its popularity, not everyone appreciates its disjointed brushstrokes. This is why most people favour microblading or nano brows.

Bleached Brows

The bleached brow trend is an older look that has made a strong comeback, but it is not PMU. Even though this fad has been popular on and off previously, it has never before attracted such a large following.

This brow trend is accessible to everyone thanks to a quick and painless colouring treatment. It’s a harmless experiment, and when you’re done, you can simply revert your brows to their original shade.

Associated with bleached brows. People often think of bleached eyebrows as a sign of high fashion, the future, or a strangely alien look.

Now that makeup is trending toward the abstract and artsy, it stands to reason that eyebrows will follow suit. They can be done to complement the hair or to draw attention to the eyes.

Colourful Brows

People who have just gotten their hair or skin dyed are often eager to have their eyebrows match. Sometimes it’s also done to complement the wearer’s cosmetics or clothing.

The multicoloured brow evolved from the bleached brow trend. Colourful highlights around the brow area have been trending on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok recently.

You may get colourful brows in a variety of ways, from simple makeup to permanent tattoos.

Simply filling in your brows with eyeshadow, a pencil, or tinted mascara can do the trick. However, this is most effective for those who have either very light or very sparse brows, as the natural hairs will not interfere with the application.

Dyeing your eyebrows is a more permanent treatment, whether you bleach them first and then dye them or, if your brows are already light, you may skip the bleaching step altogether.

However, you can have a tattoo in the shape of your brows in any hue of the rainbow. Here, you can customize your arch by having a few coloured strokes added to the standard ones, or by having the entire arch done in a single hue.

Although most people just use makeup to get in on the trend, it’s wonderful that coloured brow tattoos are an option for individuals who want to show off their individuality that way.


There is a wide range of options when it comes to modern eyebrow methods, and ultimately, you should choose what seems natural to you.

Choose an eyebrow technique that you are taught and are confident you will enjoy for longer than a few weeks if you want your brows to look great for the rest of your life.

Want to know more? Click the eyebrow tattoo alternative if you’re interested in learning more about brow fashion.

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